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M.I.P.P. Code of Conduct.

On signing in as Members, all members of the MALTA INSTITUTE OF PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY are automatically bound by this Code of Professional Conduct..
The clauses given below indicate the general standard of conduct to which members must adhere to when carrying out their photography related duties. In the event of a member being found to be in breach of this Code, the Executive Committee has the power, in its absolute discretion, to expel or suspend that member from membership, or from any particular grade of membership, or to apply such other sanction/s as may be deemed appropriate.


1. A member shall present himself/herself, his/her photography, photographic services and premises, as well as in all other forms of public contact in such a manner as will uphold and dignify his professional status and the reputation of the Institute. His/her personal appearance should be appropriate to the occasion.

2. A member shall exercise all reasonable skill, care and diligence in the discharge of his duties, and, in so far as any of his duties are discretionary, shall act fairly and in good faith.  He/she shall observe the highest standard of honesty in all his/her transactions, avoiding the use of false, confusing, inaccurate and misleading terms, descriptions and claims.

3. Any confidential information acquired by a member in the course of his professional duties shall not be divulged by him to any third party.

4. A member shall act in an equitable manner towards his clients, suppliers, employees, fellow Institute members and towards all others with whom he deals in the course of his professional duties.

5. No member shall corruptly offer or accept any gift or inducement and is at all times to avoid the use of unfair competitive practices.

6. A member shall ensure that advertisements and other public announcements with which his name, or the name under which he practices is associated, are not such as would bring the Institute into disrepute.

7. A member shall at all times and in all respects conduct his professional and business operations within the law. He is to show a friendly spirit of cooperation to his/her fellow photographers and assist them whenever possible should they be in trouble or difficulty.

8. A member is to produce photographs of a quality equal or superior to the samples he/she displays, to apply his/her best efforts toward providing the best possible photographic service and to play his/her part in raising the general standard of photographic craftsmanship.

9. A member shall co-operate fully with any investigation into an alleged breach of this Code.

10. Members who have gained qualifications are to ensure they maintain the standard achieved when providing photographic services to third parties. Should reports of inadequate quality be reported and proven, the MIPP reserves the right to take any necessary action.

11. The membership of any person who is proven to have repudiated or violated any part of this Code of Ethics may be terminated in accordance to the rules of this Institute.

12. A member knowingly condoning a breach of this Code by one of his fellow principals or employees shall be responsible as if he himself/herself had committed such breach.

13. All members shall recognize the authority of the MIPP Executive Committee  in all manners relating to the interpretation of this Code of Ethics.

Annex A
Revised at the 2011 MIPP General Meeting.


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