March 2013 Seminar

And Finally here it is!




The Annual March Seminar by The Societies in collaboration with MIPP with UK guest speaker Dave Wall.

Dates: 23rd & 24th March

  • Venue: Corinthia San Gorg
  • Prices: 65Euros Members & 95Euros non members (lunch inc on Saturday)
  • Bookings on: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Programme:











Small Product Photography – Saturday, 23rd March


8:30am Corinthia San Gorg



As I have said many times in the past small product photography is my passion, and a large part of my business. So I have designed this totally new course from the ground up with a preview of what it can achieve in the January issue of Imagemaker.



I have run this course several times on a one-to-one basis and it has been very successful, but this will be the first time with a group ... so I am really excited!


Coming straight off the back of my win of Advertising & Commercial Photographer of the Year at this year’s Convention I am hoping for a packed house so I can excite people into this lucrative area of photography.



We will be looking at my ‘bijou’ lighting system in-depth and shooting live ... so delegates can see how I ‘build’ an image from various exposures. Looking at how light interacts with products and also how to modify it for any given outcome. In addition to this I will also be showing how all the pieces are placed together within Photoshop to create an impossible lighting illusion!






Ambient Interiors – Sunday, 24th March


9:30am St James Cavalier


Another, totally new seminar. One I have been requested to produce especially for the guys and gals over in Malta.



For many years, in fact, my first foray in self employment, I ran a company specialising in interior photography (with the catchy and enlightened title of ‘The Interior Photography Company’). How inspired!



I still shoot many interiors for interior designers, architects and even corporates such as Manchester United (come on you reds)!



Where many people fall short when photographing interiors is they are not sympathetic to the design of the room and just photograph it as a ‘record shot’.



Interiors don’t just happen, they are ‘created’.



They have a structure and a story to them. They have component parts that work in harmony, playing with light and shadows for maximum effect. So this training day will revolve around seeing angles, composition, shadow play, all photographed with available light so the ambience of the room isn’t destroyed.



All created through multiple exposure techniques then blended together with a fantastic Lightroom plug-in that will just blow your mind! So if you think classroom-based training is a ‘bit boring’ ... think again!




Let me prove you wrong!


All my training sessions are ‘no holds barred’ !


Nothing is held back.


No secret sauce that I am keeping to myself.